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Wednesday March 6th, 2013

Sad News From Sonic Outcast. Please Read.

Here is a note that Kurtis wants to share with everyone.

"Hey friends,

The past couple years have been absolutely stellar, with some seriously awesome feedback and great experiences with the people who we've met along the way to where we stand today.

It's been a great ride with some of the best guys I've ever had the pleasure to call my comrades. I've had the time of my life with my brothers who are all so talented, personable and in many ways my heroes. However, as there is a death in all things, personal and health problems have come to light in my life that have led me to decide I can't serve to the capacity I once did as a member of Sonic Outcast.

I want to thank everyone of you that served the role as fans of this up andcoming rock band who want nothing more than to see a smile on your faces at a show, whether they're headlining a great bill or supporting one of the fantastic bands we have met up until now. As a final request, I'd like to see all of you continue to help support the dream we've worked this hard to pursue.

With all things said and done, there is a beauty in all things. The future of this group is a bright one. See you all at the show.

Gone fishin'

Kurtis 'Baron' Stangl"

We are extremely sad to see Kurtis leave our band, but he will always be a part of our family and a true brother to me. The road of any musician artist is hard, and it is the people beside you that make you stronger. People like our good friend Kurtis. So its very difficult to see him leave.

But the band must move foward, Sonic Outcast is going to be on the hunt for a power bassist that is up to par with the Sonic Standard! Once we have gathered enough people willing to try out, we will hold auditions tentativly at SoundHouse Studios.

Upcoming Gigs: Inlet Theatre in Port Moody, May 3rd

I want to personally thank everyone who as kept on the bandwagon with us so far, and get ready to hold on because we are about to kick it into overdrive. Be on the lookout for the Music Video Release party, and some more upcoming gigs!

- Jonny Peace, Love, Respect... and Rock n Roll