Sonic Outcast is a hard rock band known for their high energy shows, powerful riffs and unique sound.

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Jordan Della Vera, Guitar / Vocals

Jordan Della Vera

Guitar / Vocals

Jordan wasn't always very musically inclined but one day like a time bomb the musical soul inside of him exploded and led him to find an array of bands and artists that would eventually influence his sound. One of the very first songs that pushed him in his initial hunt for musical knowledge was Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven." Although it now seems terrifically overplayed in his repertoire, the song's spiritual tone and haunting lyrics still amaze and inspire him. Before settling on the guitar as his weapon of choice, Jordan tried out an assortment of instruments ranging from the cello to the saxophone, and flute to the piano, but none felt as extradorinarily strong as the guitar. He had never realized how important music was to the world, not only as a powerful means of self expression, but as a way of communication as well.

"Being able to move people and bring out amazing emotions thorugh music is one of the most fulfilling feelings for me and will always give me a reason to be." -Jordan Della Vera

Gear List


LTD EX 360


HUGHES & KETTNER Switchblade Series