Sonic Outcast is a hard rock band known for their high energy shows, powerful riffs and unique sound.

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In late 2010, Mischa Abalakov, with Jonny and Jordan Della Vera, took their music in a new direction with the formation of a new band. While playing in the Vancouver area, the group went through auditions and line up changes until Eliot Doyle became the band's number one drummer. The following spring saw the addition of bassist Kurtis Stangl which was followed by gigging in British Columbia's Lower Mainland while writing extensively. In late 2011, the band then collectively decided to become Sonic Outcast.

The hard work paid off as Sonic Outcast began to turn heads in the local music scene. In January of 2012, Sonic Outcast entered the studio with Canadian producer GGGarth Richardson to record their debut album, Reason To Be. After recording at both The Armoury and The Farm Studios, Reason To Be was sent to Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Metallica) to be mixed. The record was then mastered by Howie Weinberg (Disturbed, Rammstein). After eight months in the making, Reason To Be has the official scheduled release date of July 31st, 2012.

Riding off fan favorites like 'Reason To Be'' and 'Release', Sonic Outcast has expanded over the past two years with a growing fan base, extensive original material and a unique sound that draws upon the personalities of every member of the band. With a strong work ethic and powerful dynamics, Sonic Outcast has driven forward with it's vision to bring the world a new way to rock.

Jonny Della Vera, Vocals / Acoustic Guitar

Jonny Della Vera

Vocals / Acoustic Guitar
Mischa Abalakov, Guitar / Vocals

Mischa Abalakov

Guitar / Vocals
Jordan Della Vera, Guitar / Vocals

Jordan Della Vera

Guitar / Vocals